Dexter: New Blood Season 1 poster
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Dexter: New Blood Season 1

Dexter Morgan works as a medical examiner in Miami. This man is incredibly smart and calculating. His skills are amazing, because thanks to blood splashes alone, a man can draw conclusions about the method of committing murder and the weapon of the crime. Of course, such a diamond is highly valued in the department of forensic medicine, so it is often asked for help in complex investigations. The main character, in turn, hides a terrible secret from everyone. In fact, he is no different from those he catches. Morgan is the same criminal as all other murderers, but he commits his murders for a special motive. A man restores justice by taking the lives of scoundrels who escaped trial. Moreover, Dexter looks at the process of killing the victim as a kind of creative act, which includes symbolism, numerous references and other interesting features. The project returns with new long-awaited episodes, promising to dot the I's in an intriguing story that once already made noise on the screens of American and world television. Enjoy your viewing.

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