American Dad! Season 18 poster
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American Dad! Season 18

The plot of the comedy animated series revolves around the Smith family. At the head of the family is the father, who works as a CIA agent, which is why he is rarely at home. His Republican views and muscular appearance give away the hero is not the smartest character in the world. However, it is his charisma and masculinity that made his current wife Frances fall in love with the man. She is a simple housewife who has no pretensions to anything in this life. She is moderately intelligent, moderately stupid, moderately ambitious. The main characters have a son, Stephen. He has entered that age when boys begin to be interested in girls and, of course, this kind of relationship is a young man's Achilles heel. The main character has absolutely no idea what to do in dealing with the fair sex. A daughter named Haley is the main antipode of her father. She is a liberal and also a hippie. Under the roof of the same house with the Smiths lives a fish Clauss, who is in fact a victim of a CIA experiment. Once during the Olympics, the American secret service turned a German athlete into a fish, so that he did not win medals in skiing. Among the inhabitants of the Smith house is also Roger. He is an alien who once managed to save the main character Stan in "Area 51.

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