The Walking Dead Season 1 poster
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The Walking Dead Season 1

Rick Grimes was a local police officer when he was seriously injured and was taken to the hospital in an unconscious state. The main character wakes up after several days of blackouts. There's no one around. He's alone in a quiet room. You have to free yourself from the shackles of IVs and other life-supporting devices. The wound still makes itself felt, but the main character takes the first steps after waking up. The streets of his hometown, like the hospital, are empty. However, strange images appear in the alleys that somehow resemble people, but look terrible: peeling skin, rotting body and a ruthless desire to kill the first person you meet. Rick realizes that something terrible has happened in the world. However, he still believes that he can find his loved ones. Unfortunately, they are not at home, but the few survivors in the city have suggested to Rick where to start the search. Rick begins his journey through a world that no longer belongs to humans, but to the walking dead.

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