The Walking Dead Season 8 poster
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The Walking Dead Season 8

Empty streets. There's blood everywhere. A complete sense of helplessness and doom. Most likely, this is the first thing that the main character of this series, Rick Grimes, saw and felt when he woke up after being injured in the hospital. During the service, he received a serious wound in a shootout, after which he went for treatment, remaining on the verge of death. It would seem that the not fully restored and still bleeding Rick can become a new easy victim for the newly minted inhabitants of the Earth. The main character goes outside and realizes that the zombie apocalypse has begun. People have turned into the walking dead, who are only interested in the instinct of survival at the expense of satisfying hunger. The only suitable food for them are living people who have to seek shelter and hide from the bloodthirsty creatures. Who would have thought that Rick would find the strength to fight. He goes in search of his family. On the way, he runs into a man and a child, who help Grimes find the right path. Soon he finds himself in a huge city that is literally teeming with monsters. However, by the end of the day, Grimes comes across a small group of survivors, where his family and friends turn out to be. What will happen next?

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