Better Call Saul Season 5 poster
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Better Call Saul Season 5

The popular American project Better Call Saul returns with its fifth season. This story is a kind of offshoot of the Heisenberg story. "Breaking Bad" was the first project where viewers saw Saul as a lawyer. Already a successful and confident man, he got involved in the affairs of the main character of the original. However, the solo project begins long before Goodman meets the famous chemistry teacher. Initially, we observe the character as a simple miser who works for himself and tries to find some way to make a living: he has huge debts and an inability to somehow support himself. True, he soon manages to make a name for himself. He opens his own law office in Albuquerque and is faced with a lot of complicated and confusing cases. Enjoy watching all the fans of thriller stories and the original series "Breaking Bad".

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