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Money Heist

The events of the exciting series unfold in Spain. The main characters are well-known and very experienced robbers who come together to rob the Mint. This, of course, is an extremely dangerous and ambitious undertaking, which seems impossible, because no one in history has ever managed to get through the security system of this institution. The famous "Professor" gathers around him the best representatives of the criminal sphere. He found eight people who are ready to take up the case at a cost of two and a half million euros. Their cherished dream is to spend everything without raising the alarm and escape with the loot as soon as possible. A huge amount of money will provide them with a comfortable existence for many years! The Professor has a wonderful plan, which, in his opinion, will definitely work, but, as usually happens in such cases, everything happens far from the way it was originally intended. The alarm goes off, and the mint, like a mousetrap, slams shut from all sides. Criminals will have to improvise. For eleven days, these people will hold the defense in the building, where, in addition to them, sixty-seven other people will be present.

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