New Amsterdam Season 3 poster
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New Amsterdam Season 3

Max Goodwin is one of the most sought-after specialists in the field of medicine. He becomes the chief physician of one of the oldest public hospitals in the United States of America. Here, in New Amsterdam, there is a lot of work to be done to establish a workflow. Of course, the prestige of the hospital also leaves much to be desired, because in recent years there has been utter chaos. The main character understands that the problems lie in a variety of areas, starting from the staff, ending with the organization of the work process and discipline in the workplace. Employees do not yet see Goodin as a worthy leader, but he is ready to do everything to prove to his wards that he was appointed for a reason. Max has several ideas that can help the institution come to the new greatness that accompanied it in the past years. The series "New Amsterdam" is an exciting and touching medical drama that tells not only about the functioning of the hospital's work system, but also about the relationship between its representatives, on which everything ultimately depends.

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