The Rookie Season 3 poster
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The Rookie Season 3

John Nolan grew up in a small town and always dreamed of becoming useful to his family and friends. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts to start a career, the man decides to start from scratch. And he does it. The main character turns his life around, realizing a dream - now he is a newcomer to the Los Angeles police department. Of course, the main character has a very big responsibility, because he has to immerse himself in the atmosphere of a real service, where every action must be taken with responsibility. Many people meet a newcomer with skepticism, believing that he is not able to withstand the pace of a new job. However, a man has a fairly rich life experience to solve typical problems that arise in the workplace. Besides, he knows how to build relationships with colleagues. Some of his new acquaintances see in Nolan a worthy comrade and a reliable colleague who can be trusted.

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