Smallville Season 9 poster
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Smallville Season 9

Smallville, a small American town, was subjected to a real catastrophe. A meteor shower passed over him, demolishing everything in its path, ruining people, overturning cars, demolishing houses.
At this moment, the Kents find a baby among the ruins, a little boy, whom they call their son and keep this secret.
The baby grew up, but the Couple noticed that the boy was endowed with remarkable strength and speed. All his life they teach him to hide it, so that the gift does not cause questions, and the boy could safely attend school.
And so Clark grew up. He is a high school student who is in love with his classmate Lana, who has a boyfriend, a popular football player, a star of the school. Clarke suffers, but does it in silence.
Quite by chance, he saves the son of a local rich man, Lex Luther, from death, whose miraculous rescue caused a lot of questions and a desire to take a closer look at the young Kent. From that moment, Clark Kent's exploits as a superhero began.

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