Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Season 8 poster
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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Season 8

There are two detectives in the Special Department for the Investigation of Serious Crimes – Olivia and Elliot. They have to investigate sexually motivated murders in the city of New York.
A taxi driver was found, he was killed and castrated after his death. During the investigation, it turns out that it was revenge. The fact is that he was once a military man in Serbia. And there he raped a lot of women. It's really hard for Olivia to work on this case.
Often, the investigation goes so far that the detectives themselves, especially Olivia, begin to be in danger. Among the serial killers and sexual maniacs, there are many influential people of the city.
And sometimes it is necessary to investigate such crimes that were committed several years ago and their statute of limitations expires in just a few days.

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