Riverdale Season 2 poster
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Riverdale Season 2

He spends time like all ordinary guys, having fun as much as he can-going to parties, communicating with peers and arguing with parents. Also in this province came Veronica Lodge, a person of blue blood, from a rich family and a strict mother. And the next character, a blonde named Betty Cooper, is constantly having fun in the company of Archie. She is a certain girl in the neighborhood, pleasant to communicate with and look at. It would seem that events go on as usual and nothing can change the course of this measured life. But suddenly everything changes when a terrible murder mystery is discovered among the residents. It is our hero and his friends who attack the trail of the killer, which draws the young detectives deeper and deeper. Now the guys are not up to sleep, it's hard to accept the fact that the place where you spent all your childhood was not safe.

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