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About Time

Tim Lake from Cornwall lives near sea with his parents. He has a mentally disturbed uncle staying along with them. His sister Katherine is a free-spirit girl and has nick name as Kit-Kat. When Tim becomes 21 years old, his father tells him a secret about their family. He tells Tim that men from their family have special power to travel in past or future time as per their wish.

This supernatural powers gives them ability to travel anywhere and anytime with an only constraint that they can go to the place where they have visited before. His father also advices him about not to use this special ability to earn money by invalid ways. Tim chooses to utilize his special power for impressing his girl friend and make his love life in a better way. Charlotte is Kit-Kat’s friend and she has arrived at her house for summer holidays. Tim falls in love with her when he see her for the first time.

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