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A Day to Die

Connor Connolly was caught in a difficult situation and had a day left to protect his family from reprisals. His job duties included defending an inmate on parole. But he failed to keep track of the man. A member of the drug syndicate is murdered and Connorow has to pay his debt. Tyrone Pettis is the leader of a criminal gang. He accepts no excuses and wants to take the money, considering it his own. The sum of two million dollars is unaffordable for an ordinary operative. But he has been made clear that if he does not pay on time, his family will suffer. He cannot allow his loved ones to be hurt because of an oversight. His old team of operatives, led by Bryce Mason, must figure out how to find the right amount of money in twenty-four hours without breaking the law. They have not yet faced a task of this level, but experience and stamina are the best weapons in the fight against a dangerous ruthless enemy.

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