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The Secrets We Keep

The action of the movie "The Secrets We Keep" takes place at the very end of the 50s of the last century. In a small American provincial town, a new oil refinery opens, where a local doctor, Lewis, gets a job. It should check and maintain the health of workers arriving from different cities.

Lewis has a wife, Maya, who often accompanies him during work duties. He often needs her help, and she is always ready to help him out. Maya came to the United States from Europe, having survived the horrors of German captivity.

One day, when there is another group of factory workers in the city, Maya notices a suspicious man. She thinks she knows him, but she can't remember the circumstances of their meeting. The man introduces himself as Karl and wants to get a job at the factory.

As Karl is about to leave, the doctor's wife from the movie "The Secrets We Keep" recalls that he was one of the officers in the concentration camp where she was held for a long time after the capture of her hometown by the German army. Fragments of memory terrify her. Despite this, she begins to follow him, wanting to avenge the suffering caused.

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