Interstellar poster
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The movie is set around 21st century in the future when crops are stricken by blight making human survival impossible on the planet. In the meanwhile, a former NASA pilot, Joseph Cooper is urged to interpret dust granules on the floor of his daughter Murphy’s room as geometric coordinates forming binary codes which eventually lead both father and daughter to a undisclosed NASA facility. The movie takes turn from here when Cooper is set out in space by his former professor Dr. Brand to further the ongoing research works on other planets in a different galaxy. There are two plans in hand; one to facilitate a giant exodus of humans from earth to habitable planet, second to create human colonies with the help of 5000 frozen human embryos.

The underlying fact is that the first plan is infeasible and that is known to Dr. Brand yet this big step is taken. In the ordeal Cooper figures out the relation between the wormhole, the tesseract that he falls into and Murphy’s bedroom.

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