Mars Attacks! poster
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Mars Attacks!

Fantastic Comedy Director Tim Burton's "Mars Attacks!" tells the story of the invasion of alien creatures that came to earth not at all with the world and with evil and treacherous plan, capturing the planet. One day, the Professor of astronomy discovers about the orbit of the Earth a lot of unidentified flying objects, as will immediately report to the President in the White House. This news was received very Warmly, the American people just beaming with happiness.

Aliens have chosen for the first contact with humanity United States. However, arrived for a meeting of the Group of officials, guests of extraterrestrial military and journalists, was crushed with vicious Martians. The President of the country forced to take extreme measures, but as their take if hateful green Martians attacking Washington himself? Destroying everything in its path, the aliens decided to have some fun and more on people, doing different funny tricks.

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