Chicago Fire Season 3 poster
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Chicago Fire Season 3

The exciting and exciting series "Chicago Fire" tells about the difficult, dangerous and dramatic work of firefighters and rescuers. The plot of the series is filled with drama, risk and dangerous moments that the main characters must cope with. The team of Chicago firefighters is a brave, smart, instant decision-making people. All their work is aimed at saving people and their property from the fire, so with each episode they act more decisively and amicably. Like any very dangerous work, it is not without losses in the personnel, which weighs on everyone and puts the burden of guilt on the shoulders of colleagues. On the basis of this situation, a conflict breaks out between lieutenants Casey and Severide, who blame each other for the death of their comrade. But as soon as trouble happens, and the firefighters go on a call, all quarrels, resentments and disagreements are left behind, now everyone is one team and ready to come to each other's aid at the most crucial moment.

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