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In the center of the plot of the film "Doubt" four main characters: strictly parochial school director sister Jelozius, a young nun sister James, pastor of the parish father Flynn and first black pupil Donald Miller. The story begins with suspicion of unhealthy relations Jayme sisters priest and a boy. It is what is not certain, but scared. About their fears of the nun tells her sister Jelozius. In turn does not doubt for a second. It is guided by the experience and knowledge of human behavior. Sister Jelozius takes up the matter thoroughly.

She holds conversations with the priest and the mother of the boy. For her the choice between vow and duty has been taken: she's ready to break this vow only to convict father Flynn. During the numerous dialogues, each character argues and presents his thoughts on the situation, with whom it is impossible to disagree. When you do this, you can see that convincing others, they themselves are in doubt.

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